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Google is adding apps to Chrome OS

Google has revealed more details about its plan to bring Windows apps to Chrome OS.   As reported by the Verge, through a partnership with Parallels, Chrome OS users will be able to see a full version of Windows boot within the operating system.     Resellers will be able to bundle Parallels Desktop with Chromebook Enterprise devices, and they can be enabled within Chrome Enterprise Upgrade.   It will start with full copies of windows, and the vision is to move to just running the app alone, similar to the Coherence feature on the mac, which allows users to run Windows apps as if they were Mac applications natively.

No pricing or launch dates have been announced. 

Why do we care?

This will be one way to do it.  I would guess Microsoft will come up with a way too – look at their work in gaming around xCloud, or to the tech in Windows Virtual Desktop as another way to stream apps.    

Chromebooks continue to interest me as a way of simplifying the endpoint, reducing the surface area of risk, and moving more to a central, secure, cloud managed environment.   

If you’re in services, do not have a blind spot for these devices.    In a zero-trust world, they are a serious option.    

And, note, Google has a path for resellers.    Explicitly.

Source: The Verge