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Microsoft’s new intelligence

Microsoft is launching new policy enhancements for its Insider Risk Management service for Microsoft 365.

This product uses machine learning to detect data leaks, intellectual property theft, insider trading, and compliance violations and fraud, and was released in Feb, and required Microsoft 365 E5 licensing.

The new enhancements include policy indicators, templates, and API integrations, and will arrive in the coming days and weeks. 

Why do we care?

In my editorial this weekend, I offered that I think there is a lot in the Microsoft offerings, and here’s another one.  I wasn’t aware of this product, and suspect I’m not alone in that.

I’m starting to really believe you could operate a service provider with Microsoft as your key vendor all the way into the management stack.   Here’s another data point.  Even if it’s not “all” there, you can see they are moving this way.

There seems to me to be a lot of upside to moving closer to Microsoft, and potentially starting to consider abandoning old legacy investments along the way.

Timely product too when you think about what happened at Twitter.

Source: Redmond Channel Partner