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Apple muscles developers

The Washington Post is reporting that Apple’s opening of it’s Find My app to third party developers came with a number of restrictions, including limiting competing services from being used simultaneously.   Developers also were require to sign an additional license agreement which prevented them from sharing details of the new specification.

Why do we care?

While at recording time it is expected that next week’s sessions with big tech leadership in Congress will be delayed, many of these will be discussed during those hearings.

I’m not hopeful for big outcomes.

My interest in this remains the impression big tech gives to the market.    Throwing your weight around like this is not good for smaller technology companies, and damages the trust in companies that implement.        I’m looking for data on this besides the general trust dropping – -and remember, the public’s trust that technology is good for society dropped 20 points since 2016.  

Source: Washington Post

Source: Protocol