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A former prosecutor and MSP lawyer weighs in on the Uber ruling

The Business of Tech
The Business of Tech
A former prosecutor and MSP lawyer weighs in on the Uber ruling

Bradley Gross is the founding partner of the Law Office of Bradley Gross, P.A., a law firm that focuses on transactions involving managed service providers, VARs, technology solution resellers, cloud solution providers, IT professionals, and technology companies worldwide.

Brad is a leading legal authority in the area of managed service transactions and has been named on twelve occasions to the list of Superlawyers in the area of IT & Technology Law. He is a highly sought-after and frequent speaker at industry events throughout North America, Canada, and the European Union.

A former Chair and managing partner of the Intellectual Property Law Department of one of the largest law firms in the State of Florida, Brad sits on the Board of Directors of several technology companies and acts as general counsel for hundreds of technology solution providers throughout the United States. Brad’s podcast, The Technology Bradcast ( is followed by thousands of MSPs across the United States.



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