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Agile Conversations with Douglas Squirrel

Douglas Squirrel started his leadership career as CTO of financial software firm TIM Group, using agile methods to build web applications for the world’s largest investment banks and hedge funds and building the Technology organization from nothing to 49 people while retaining unusually high levels of quality and resilience. (TIM Group was recently acquired by Mergermarket Group, a nice validation of the work he and others did there.)

00:00 Intro, and using agile in consulting
01:41 The way we do proposals is all wrong – how should you do it?
04:03 How do you implement this?
05:10 How should you write a proposal?
07:24 Does this extend to the way you deliver the service?
09:28 How do you offset the risks of fixed fee?
10:59 How small a company can use this?
11:52 Where should listeners apply agile in small engagements?
12:58 How can people Squirrel?