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Workplace metrics for women and minorities investigated

Let’s give some attention to Ensono’s recent Speak Up 2022 report, which is a bit of a compare and contrast.

Many women working in tech experience physical and verbal harassment in their careers. Nearly half (44%) in the U.S. have seen an increase in workplace sexual harassment over the last five years.   One in five women (22%) from the U.S. and India report experiencing verbal abuse at work, with the U.K. following closely at 21%. In the U.K., women said more subtle forms of discrimination, such as microaggressions (23%) or being dismissed in group settings (25%).  Further, 91% of Latina women and 72% of Black women said they’d experienced discouragement or setbacks in their careers, compared to 64% of white women.

But maybe the landscape is changing.   85% of women in tech feel they have more job opportunities due to remote and hybrid work, and 82% of women in tech reported that remote and hybrid work has made them happier, the report said. 

More than half of women in tech surveyed felt the number of male allies had increased in the workplace over the past five years, according to the data from Ensono. And nearly all the women surveyed said they consider their company an inclusive workplace.

Why do we care?

The changes to work, particularly around remote and flexibility, are being shown repeatedly to benefit women and minorities.    It’s a reason I’m so bullish on the changes.    Not a reason to celebrate yet also a positive movement.  

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