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The FCC’s new broadband labels

The FCC has introduced new rules that require ISPs to display easy-to-read and understand labels to show essential information at the time of sale.    These labels will resemble the nutrition labels on the back of food products. They should include, among other things, the price, speed, data allowances, and other aspects of a company’s wired and wireless internet services.

The FCC will require providers to prominently display these labels on their main purchasing pages and close to an associated plan advertisement. They can’t be hidden behind multiple clicks and camouflaged by other elements on the page that will likely be missed. The labels must also be accessible from your customer account portal, and the provider must give you a copy when you ask.

And they must be machine-readable.  

Why do we care?

Finally, a way to compare offerings.    Plans needed to be more explicit when they required this level of intervention.      This should be great news for anyone consulting about customers’ technology needs.      Bring on the labels.  

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