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Another use case for crypto – networks

Crypto is continuing to seep into content here – today, another use case.    Nova Labs and T-Mobile have partnered to launch Helium Mobile, a 5G wireless smartphone service.  It will use Helium’s decentralized, crypto-powered 5G network as well as T-Mobile’s network and switch between the two as needed.

Quoting Decrypt:

By combining networks and switching between the two as needed, Nova Labs says the service will offer two significant economic differentiators from traditional services: plans will start at just $5 per month, and users can also optionally earn crypto token rewards for sharing data.

Why do we care?

Here’s another crypto use case – allowing individual users to sell service to others.      You earn money for sharing service.     This version of Helium’s network is a new one, and their previous services IoT devices.   

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