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Tech employees are looking for a new job

And in other hiring, staffing, and employee news, let’s hit some numbers.

There’s confidence among tech workers — Over half (57.1%) of employees surveyed are planning on looking for a new job in the next six months, and 22.2% are considering it.   That from Hired’s 2022 Salaries report.  67% report they’d start looking for other work if their employer knocked back a pay rise request in the next six months. A further 23% would stay if declined a raise but would push for other benefits such as stock options or more paid time off (PTO).

There’s also more detailed coverage of that bait-and-switch job interview problem in Insider.  What’s that?  A candidate hires a person to pretend to be them, gets interviewed, hired, and then the real candidate shows up for work.     There’s no hard data on the trend – the concern is how much easier it is to run the same with interviewing via video chat or with employees working remotely.

And again, from that Hired research — Salaries for tech employees working remotely are outpacing those working in the office, with pay remaining at an all-time high.

Why do we care?

The theme continues to be overinvesting in people… and people management.    How good IS your hiring process?  Are you screening for scammers?    How about ongoing?      We care.. because this is continuing to be more and more difficult.  

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