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How many are truly all cloud, now?

Some data from Foundry in a new survey.

Only seven percent of enterprises are truly all-cloud. This number is likely to more than double over the next two years but still represents the minority of enterprises.   Half of the executives surveyed said their organization’s total IT environment is “some on the cloud but mostly on-premises,” while over a third (34%) is “mostly cloud, but some on-premises,” and only seven percent is “all cloud.” The all-cloud number is expected to increase by some 250% over the next 18 months, to 17% who plan to shift everything they have to the cloud.

As for the future, Seventy-two percent of IT leaders say that their organization is defaulting to cloud-based services when upgrading or purchasing new technical capabilities. About half, 46% of respondents, predict their organization’s total IT environment will be “mostly cloud but some on-premises” by then — up from 34%.

Why do we care?

I’ve received criticism from listeners about being too all-in on the cloud.   I’ll own my bias, which is to focus on the direction.  Even if that means being further ahead than the reality on the ground.    

First, I think that places one in the competitive advantage spot, where I want to be.  Second, it prepares for the future reality by pulling it forward rather than waiting to be in the average.