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Two data points that reveal the digital trend

And two market conditions insights—both from ZDNet.

First, MuleSoft’s 2022 Connectivity Benchmark Report found that 70% of organizations struggle to provide completely connected user experiences across all channels. At the same time, the report noted that almost three-quarters (72%) of organizations’ customer interactions are now digital.

Second, FICO released its Digital Consumer Banking and Fraud Survey on Wednesday, which showed that the majority of US consumers intend to remain digital bankers post-pandemic.

The study also found that 72% of US consumers feel adequately protected by their banks from fraud despite the US having the highest reported fraud rate among global respondents.

Why do we care?


If you need any more data that everything is going digital, it’s here.    That said, it’s not done and dusted… instead, it’s an area of confusion and opportunity.    The experiences aren’t consistent, and there remains potential for extensive fraud. However, challenging problems bring ample opportunity, and that’s why we care.