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A tall tale in a press release

Yesterday, Kaseya put out a press release to announce their 25% growth in 2021.    The press release focuses on their multiple acquisitions and enhancements to their product lines.

It makes no mention of their breach or any response to the incident.

Why do we care?

In a video during the summer, I predicted that Kaseya would focus on their growth numbers beyond the breach – and I point to this as the evidence.   They didn’t even take time to talk about investments in security after the breach as an accomplishment.  If you just read their press releases… the incident didn’t happen.

This is apparently what the team at Channel Futures did. They also ran a story with the press release’s headline and essentially copied and pasted it into a bylined article, which is a cut and paste of the press release.   And they, too, made no mention of the breach.

The why we care is all about financial incentives.    Kaseya is incentivized to grow, full stop.   Do not hate the player; hate the game.     Entirely predictable if you follow the incentives.     If you want to change, change those incentives.