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The island without connectivity

I want to reference a bit of a long-read on Protocol about Deer Isle in Maine.     At issue is the internet coverage.    Provider Spectrum cites FCC maps that show coverage of the entire island. Residents, however, say that’s wishful thinking.  More than 100 residents have send the town manager data as they work to build their own data set – because the data Spectrum is leveraging keeps federal money that might help a rival build out capacity and access at bay.  

Why do we care?

This is exactly the scenario I envision. A community is entirely blocked from being invested in to grow the businesses by a provider who wants customers locked in.   When capital expenditures are high, it’s not enough to say the market will just solve the problem.   Think water, electricity and roads… and now broadband.

It’s a very good read.

Plus, we’ll be revisiting this story soon enough.  The FCC has scheduled the hearings on “nutrition levels” for broadband for the end of this month, per a blog post this week.