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Is Work from home bad for MSPs? Ravi Ramharak on Mental Health

A conversation with Ravi Ramharak of MSP Corp, addressing mental health for MSPs. Is working from home bad?

00:00 Intro, who is Ravi?
02:10 Why does burnout resonate for Ravi?
04:25 Isn’t remote work good for work life balance?
06:08 What about the benefits from work from home?
08:15 Doesn’t labor have the upper hand now?
10:27 How do you address policy and procedure?
12:15 Is there a particular recommendation for MSPs?
14:08 What do you think MSPs need to do prioritize mental health?
15:11 How open should a business owner be about their own mental health?
16;25 How to get in touch

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