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A solid sense of the FTC’s interest in ISPs

The FTC released a report highlighting how ISPs fail to disclose to consumers how they use sensitive user data, make privacy practices obscure, and make opt-out difficult. 

“While several ISPs in our study tell consumers they will not sell their data, they fail to reveal to consumers the myriad of ways that their data can be used, transferred, or monetized outside of selling it, often burying such disclosures in the fine print of their privacy policies,” the report concludes.   Data is anonymized, so cannot be linked to a specific provider.  

Why do we care?

The study is a clear signal that the telecommunications industry is under scrutiny by the agency, particularly around consumer privacy.     Few love their ISP – this is easy pickins.    

The FTC is on the move, and they’re coming for ISPs.  Link this to the exposure of the criticality of broadband, and I see big changes coming in this space soon.     This screams good news for companies who build businesses on top of broadband… you know, almost everyone.