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Respect in Security shows a lot of abuse of professionals – and what you can do

While there’s a lot of security today, this one I wanted to keep as a distinct story.

Quoting Computer Weekly.

Around a third of cyber security professionals say they have had personal experience of in-person and online abuse and harassment during the course of their work, according to research data commissioned by Respect in Security – a newly established scheme that is urging organisations to pledge their support in making workplaces, and the security community, free from harassment and fear.

Out of those that reported experiencing in-person harassment, most said it came at industry events (36%), in the office (47%) or work socials (48%), while online harassment was most likely to have occurred on Twitter (44%) or via email (37%).

Why do we care?

With the massive list of needs around security… to then have a third of professionals facing abuse is appalling.  

Respect in Security has a pledge on it’s website, with details for an organizations commitment towards building an environment free from harassment and fear.   

I talk a lot about culture of companies on this show – this is a resource, and a huge problem, to highlight.