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JEDI may be ending with no winners

And… JEDI.   That Pentagon cloud contract, which has now been contested for about half the length of time as the original contract was supposed to be.    The Wall Street Journal this week reported that the administration may scrap the whole thing due to being stuck so long.    The landscape has changed considerably since 2017 – AWS and Microsoft moved into dominant positions, Oracle and IBM a lot less so, and some parts of the military – like the Air Force — have already moved on.  

And most importantly – since the deal started, hybrid cloud is now the recommendation and considered a viable option.

Why do we care?

Those interested can dive into the link I’ve shared for more specifics.   I think it’s likely this would just be restarted, if for no other reason than the time involved.    There are new requirements anyway based simply on changes to the .

So no one wins, and that’s in just about every sense of the phrase.   No one wins the contract, the technology needs haven’t been met, the updates haven’t come, and it’s all a waste of time.      Why?   Former President Trump messed up the process.