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How a breach in Finland focused on mental health

Your weekend research – a Wired piece on a data breach in mental health.     In Finland, hackers broke into a mental health startup’s systems, which were positioned as easy to use and designed to bring the services to the masses.  The largest network of private mental health providers in the country, Vastaamo was breached.. and 30,000 people received a ransom demand over their confidential data.

Including detailed patient notes.

The piece details the software, the breach, and the impact, plus the impact of legislation along the way.  

Why do we care?

I’m going to talk about mental health in an editorial this weekend… and one of the themes there is openness.   This data had huge impact to those patients who were breached… and in many ways, because the data was considered highly confidential due to the potential shame of mental health.   One of the ways to make data breaches like this less valuable… is to make the data less valuable.

Regardless, the story of the breach and the consequences is a valuable case study to understand.