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Which breach matters more?

While we’re on the security beat, insurance company Geico suffered a breach – that lasted more than a month.     The company filed with the attorney general of California in a data breach notice.  The breach exposed customer’s driver’s licenses.

Hundreds of networks have been hacked in a breach of Codecov, an online software testing platform.    The company suffered a supply-chain attack that went undetected for over 2-months.    The attackers silently collected customer’s credentials.   

Why do we care?

Codecov is a huge breach too  — right at the supply chain.    Geico is likely the one to get the coverage… and likely with no real consequences.   Will they suffer long term? I highly doubt it. 

I paired these two to show the difference in the way coverage happens.   Codecov SHOULD get more coverage, but Geico will get the headline.

Source: The Verge

Source: Bleeping Computer