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MSP Security Report from Perch Security

Perch Security has released its 2021 Perch MSP Threat Report.  

Over the last year, the report found that just 25% of MSPs that suffered a security breach said it was related to ransomware. However, almost 73% reported that at least one client had experienced a security incident, with nearly 60% of these MSP client incidents involving ransomware.

In terms of security budget, more than 82% of MSPs increased their spending last year, while 75% of survey respondents have indicated that their budget for 2021 will increase by an average of 12.1%.

Why do we care?

This data on spending is in alignment with Gartner’s data from yesterday’s show on overall growth.      Good news that the MSPs themselves aren’t getting breached – but not so great on the client front.  

Included a long read about Zero Trust from Tech Republic for those looking to dig more into Zero Trust security.     Of note – according to the researcher, there is are no “zero trust products”, just ones that work in a zero trust environment.    It’s also cultural – a combination of HR, privacy experts and end users.  

I love the pivot, because it’s high value.   It’s not easy to make culture change, and not easy is code for profitable.

Source: Channel Pro UK

Source: Tech Republic