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Man plots to blow up the internet.

In the “physical security matters” category, FBI agents in Texas have arrested a man for an alleged plot to blow up an Amazon data center in Virginia, per Vice.    His reason?   To take down the internet.     Quoting the article.

According to the Department of Justice, federal authorities learned of Pendley’s plot after one of his friends warned them. Pendley was allegedly active on, a website where extremists gather to socialize and plot, where feds say he boasted about his plans. 

“The source told the FBI that Mr. Pendley allegedly stated he planned to use C-4 plastic explosives to attack prominent tech company’s data centers in an attempt to ‘kill of about 70% of the internet,’’ the DOJ said.

Notably, the plan would not have knocked out 70% of the internet.

Why do we care?

It’s the interaction with the FBI I care most about.     Sure, I will acknowledge physical security, and could have commented more on that.    

Instead, it’s about working with law enforcement.   Increasingly each security story I cover talks about how the court or law enforcement was involved.   I continue to believe that for IT services companies, a growing portion of responsibility is management and interaction with both law enforcement and with legal compliance.  So much so that it’s likely becoming a role within an organization of any size.     I’m not assuming that even large IT integrators have fully considered this as part of the deliverable.    Many have a legal team… but are they part of the process?

Are they part of the service offering?  

This seems like the new expertise required.