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Getting Started on DEI for MSPs

Small companies may not think they can get started on a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion effort. Studies show how those companies that do outperform. So let’s talk to someone who spends time thinking about this, and we find the similarities to what MSPs and IT services companies already know.

00:00 Who is Tarin Lane
02:06 So, why should business owners invest in DEI?
04:33 IF you’re small, how do you best go about addressing diversity?
07:00 What’s the big misconception about DEI efforts?
07:55 What are the starting places and how to do you prioritize?
09:47 How do you measure efforts in DEI?
12:16 MSPs have skills in measurement, so do they apply to this space?
13:43 How do you advise individuals to break out of their own networks to make them more diverse?
17:40 How do you get in touch with Tarin?

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