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Does tech spur innovation?

So here’s something.   You don’t need the new shiny to spur innovation.   Per research published in the Information and Organization Journal… even basic tools can be used for innovation if they’re in a workplace environment where employees are encouraged to master IT.

Short answer – it’s the training, not the tools.

Why do we care?

Every vendor in the world wants you to buy their new shiny.   They will all fail to deliver results if not “implemented properly.”   But what does that mean?  We say it too often – it failed in implementation, for example – but what it really means is a culture of mastering tech.


This is your key lesson – if you want to help your customers adopt technology, or embrace what you have given or sold them, make sure you have delivered the training.  Beyond that, work with business leadership within your customers promote a culture of embracing the technology.

That leads to happy.. loyal.. and more profitable customers.

Source: CIO Dive