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Lessons from call center technologies

Forrester Research out with insights on Contact Center Technologies, and has focused on three trends.

  • New channels have been adopted, but have not replaced old ones. Email and phone aren’t dead – they are just augmented and complimented.
  • Automation is best when used with humans. You can’t rely on the system alone. 
  • Established “workhorse” technologies are still useful – workforce management, interactive voice response, case management. All still relevant.

Why do we care?

This is a quick hit, but these three trends are just so much a part of customer service.   You need more than just email and phone to talk to your customers, it works best when it’s with humans, and your workhorse technologies, like tracking your work and systems to interact, are all still relevant.

Just because it’s boring doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly useful.  After all the scary stories, it’s rather nice to find something reliable.        

Source: Channel E2E