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Verizon launches IoT managed services

Verizon is launching a managed service for enterprises and SMBs focused on Internet of Things (IoT) devices.     The offering is three levels, where each build on the previous:

Level 1, which provides a dedicated point of contact for cellular connectivity

Level 2, which brings lifecycle support for accounts and IoT solution implementations

Level 3, adding dedicated support for IoT platforms the customer owns.

This is augmented by a la carte deployment services.  

Why do we care?

Who doesn’t love a good tiered managed services plan?  

I’m not sure I’d call assigning a rep an actual plan.   Still, there’s a logic to it, and a clear extension of their device and cellular plans.    As I think about “5G”’s mythical, and still somewhat unobtainable, promise, you can see the path the large companies are going to build out.

Your key is just staying ahead in the offerings you care about, and layering in what isn’t here, which is the business consulting services.   Those services could be built on top of Verizon’s offerings too.

Source: Channelnomics