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The Modern Computing Alliance forms

Let’s talk about the new Modern Computing Alliance.  Quoting the Verge:  “Google, Dell, Intel and a handful of other major tech companies in the IT and cloud computing industries have banded together to tackle joint problems around security, remote work, and other enterprise issues that have only become more important during the coronavirus pandemic. The founding members also include Box, Cirtrix, Okta, RingCentral, Slack, VMWare, and Zoom. 

The Modern Computing Alliance will initially be focused on four areas: performance; security and identity; remote work, productivity, and collaboration; and health care. The goal is to pool knowledge and resources toward solving shared problems around how companies perform work in the cloud and the tools they use to do so. “

Why do we care?

If you know my background, you know I’m very big on peer sharing.   I’ll be watching this group to see if there is a place for service providers.  Even without that, the value of collaboration is clear at all levels.

I’ve been encouraging providers to band together to address regulation.   That’s another path to collaboration, and why we care about this.   It all points to a requirement to be involved in industry collaboration at some level.

Source: The Verge