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Diversity without inclusion: only half the problem

With diversity top of mind, I also want to discuss inclusion.     Diversity is the makeup of the group, but inclusion is how well integrated and supported they are.

Quoting CIO Dive:

Of 57 tech companies analyzed, 94% under-represent Hispanic/Latinx employees in leadership positions, 82% under-represent Black employees and 91% under-represent Asian employees, according to an analysis  by Stephen Greet, co-founder of BeemJobs. The number of women in tech is slowly on the rise, increasing by about 1% in 2019 . 

The concern?  Without inclusion, those hires will not stay within the organization, and reduce tenure.  

Why do we care?

This weekend I’m releasing the update to the IT services leadership diversity report, and in that context its important to highlight not just the diversity problem but also the inclusion one.

Just addressing diversity alone is not enough – and there is some compelling reasons to do so – but if you make that investment and do not follow it up with the work to ensure retention via inclusion, you’ll be wasting that investment.

The tease for the larger report – if you were offered a way to out perform by 12%, would you take it?

Source: CIO Dive