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RSA is going virtual for 2021

The Organizers of the RSA Conference given up on a physical event next year, reversing the decision to push the conference until the spring. 

Quoting CRN: “Conference officials had in May announced the 2021 event would be delayed from the week of Feb. 8 until the week of May 17 in hopes of having both a physical event at San Francisco’s Moscone Center as well as a virtual experience. At the time, conference organizers hoped having the event in May would increase the safety of attendees.”

Why do we care?

I keep watching portions of the industry flail around events and marketing.    It’s symptomatic of a lack of acceptance that the timeline is far longer than you think it is for an end to the pandemic.    

You aren’t doing events in the first half of next year.  That’s my solid prediction.    

Build your plans around that, because all the big companies are making that very, very clear.

That’s also your indicator of how long you operationally have to work under the pandemic conditions.  The virus does not care about your timelines nor your business goals.    

Source: CRN