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The State of Subscription Commerce

How about digital commerce? 

AppDirect released insights into their “State of B2B Subscription Commerce in the New Normal”.  Quoting channel futures:

Respondents nearly unanimously (97%) reported a pandemic-related disruption in their digital commerce initiatives. Another 83% report concerns about their ability to continue their digital transformation plans.

However, the plurality of respondents said COVID-19 sped up their digital commerce service initiatives. Two in five (40%) reported an acceleration.

The study found that 77% of business leaders are working toward long-term digital strategies than short-term responses to the pandemic.

Why do we care?

The pandemic as accelerant – and here’s more data on that.   I’m encouraged to see business leaders thinking long term, and would note that is both harder and more lucrative. 

Those who say the “next” is hard to predict are right… and wrong.   Since everything is accelerated, simply take your projections for what was to come and bring it in.    Most of the data I see shows 5-10 years of transformation in months or weeks.  So if you want to guess what’s out there, where did you see your business in 5 or 10 years?

That’s what you’re planning for next.

Source: Channel Futures