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IoT data shows it’s well beyond emerging

A new report from the IoT market research firm Berg Insight says that IoT managed service providers have more than 50 million IoT subscribers worldwide.

In Europe and North America, these players hold a combined market share of 15–20 percent. Most IoT managed service providers operate as full Mobile Virtual Network operators using their own core networks and platforms featuring connectivity management controls and other value-added services. A key differentiator for IoT managed service providers is the ability to aggregate multiple wireless wide area networks and thus provide superior area coverage, multi-domestic footprints and multi-technology connectivity on a single platform.

Quoting from IoT Business News.

Why do we care?

This I’m highlighting for two reasons.  First, it’s an observation that while the core idea of managed services provider is the same – delivering a set of predefined services on a recurring revenue basis – this is another definition of what those services are that uses the same nomenclature.

Second, that’s a lot of subscribers out there.    Anyone who things IoT is “emerging” isn’t tracking the numbers.     That’s not to say there isn’t a lot more growth and opportunity here, but to cite 50 million subscribers… that’s real business.

Source: IoT Business News