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The Cost of a Data Breach

IBM with new research data in their Cost of a Data Breach report.

Quick hits:

  • Data breaches usually last 280 days on average
  • The average cost of that breach? 9M.
  • But those cloud misconfiguration breaches? $4.4M
  • 77% of those expenses come within the first year of discovery

And, we’re going to be worse at finding them – 76% of organizations predict breach response will take longer because of remote work.

Why do we care?

Oh, great .. it’s going to get worse, and the most common problem (as discussed on an earlier show) of misconfiguration is actually more expensive.

Great.  Just great. 

Besides using this data for customers, I want to observe how much more expensive misconfiguration breaches are in the cloud.    This is a growing area to watch – I’ve spoken recently a lot about misconfigurations and configuration management, and now we see not only are they prevalent, they are more expensive.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t say it was an opportunity too.  

Source: CIO Dive