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July 28 Blocking and Tackling: What you need to know

Some items in Blocking and Tackling today.  

The FBI has issued a warning about new network protocols that are being used to launch large-scale distributed denial of service attacks.   

The list includes CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol), WS-DD (Web Services Dynamic Discovery), ARMS (Apple Remote Management Service), and the Jenkins web-based automation software.

Three of the four (CoAP, WS-DD, ARMS) have already been abused in the real-world to launch massive DDoS attacks, the FBI said based on ZDNet’s previous reporting.

The goal of the alert is to warn of the danger, to allow for investment in DDoS mitigation systems.

The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency and the UK’s National Cyber Security Center have also issued an alert about the risks of infection faced by QNAP NAS devices if QSnatch malware attacks restart, and the alert outlines the procedures to update.

ThousandEyes has a report on the Cloudflare DNS outage from Friday, July 17, showing the ripple effect of a single misconfiguration.  The full report is in the show notes.

And, Bleeping Computer is reporting on the release of source code by a Swiss developer from companies like Microsoft, Nintendo, Disney, Motorola, and others because of insecure DevOps applications leaving the information exposed.

Why do we care?

Misconfiguration – that continues to be the theme!   More and more the value of providers is obvious in the management and controls of configurations.   You can see in the entire section how this is all configuration – from protocols to the DNS outage to code releases.  

Right now, as a provider I would be focused heavily on tools and process that allow for this.    I think “automation” is a distraction when configuration management is so much more valuable, particularly as these systems move entirely to the cloud and someone else’s core management.    

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