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Monetization drives criminals

Sonicwall offers a midyear update to their 2020 Cyber Threat Report research – Criminal activity in the US leveraging ransomware spiked nearly 110% during the first half of 2020, and is attributed to remote workforce vulnerabilities.

While the US saw attacks jump 109%, the global jump was just 20%.   Why the jump in the US?  Because criminals find it effective and anonymous.

Malware dropped 24%, showing crime’s interest in monetization.  

Additionally, there is a 50% rise in IoT malware attacks.

Why do we care?

There are two takeaways here – the criminals continue to learn, and they are seeking better return on their investment.   

This is fodder for anytime a customer tells you they aren’t the target – yes they are, because they have money to pay a ransom.   These are not random, they are targeted to a profile.     

I’m noting the IoT increase as well – I would postulate that the rise in IoT attacks is simply learning.   It starts with malware – it moves to more.    

Your actions – this is information to use for education, and look to shift your language.  If you missed it, Sunday’s editorial speaks to language to think about, and leverage to a risk mitigation model.

Source: Channel Futures