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Thur Jan-18-2024: AI’s Global Copyright Law Challenges, AI Integration Planning Hurdles, Remote Work

The Business of Tech
The Business of Tech
Thur Jan-18-2024: AI's Global Copyright Law Challenges, AI Integration Planning Hurdles, Remote Work

In this episode of the Business of Tech podcast, Dave Sobel discusses three key topics. First, he explores the business opportunity for IT services in guiding companies through AI integration and overcoming planning hurdles. Next, he dives into the challenges faced by the AI industry in 2024, particularly in relation to global copyright laws. Lastly, he examines the lasting economic legacy of the pandemic, with a significant percentage of U.S. workers continuing to work remotely. The episode also highlights the importance of cybersecurity expertise and introduces Huntress, a company focused on elevating SMBs and MSPs with fully managed cybersecurity solutions. Additionally, Dave shares insights from Gartner on the current stage of AI investment and the projected growth of IT spending in 2024. Overall, this episode provides valuable insights into the intersection of technology and business.


Three things to know today


00:00 Business Opportunity for IT Services: Guiding Companies in AI Integration and Overcoming Planning Hurdles 

04:17 2024: A Pivotal Year for AI Industry Amidst Global Copyright Law Challenges, Reports Politico

06:45 Remote Work: The Lasting Economic Legacy of the Pandemic with 20-25% US Workers at Home


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