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Spacemaker Daniel Sih talks about his approach to productivity

The Business of Tech
The Business of Tech
Spacemaker Daniel Sih talks about his approach to productivity

Daniel Sih is an award-winning author, professional speaker, and Director of Spacemakers®, a productivity consulting group for busy leaders.

His first book “Spacemaker – how to unplug, unwind and think clearly in the digital age” won the Australian Business Book Award in 2021 for personal development, and has been shortlisted for myriad awards.

As a trainer, coach and keynote speaker, Daniel has worked with CEO’s, executives, and other senior professionals throughout Australia and beyond. He is the creator of best-selling productivity courses such as Email Ninja, List Assassin and Priority Samurai with more than 20,000 students online and offline.

Daniel has a broad professional history, includes leadership roles in physiotherapy, health management, project management, Christian ministry and CliftonStrengths® coaching.

Daniel lives in Tasmania, Australia with his wife, Kylie, and their three children, Naomi, Caleb and Jethro. He also keeps fourteen pure-bred chickens who eat a lot of grain and lay too few eggs.

To learn more about Daniel and his work at Spacemakers, please visit and


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