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Fri Mar-15-2024: Apple’s Strategic Move in AI and FCC Redefines Broadband

The Business of Tech
The Business of Tech
Fri Mar-15-2024: Apple's Strategic Move in AI and FCC Redefines Broadband

Today’s episode of the podcast discusses Apple’s strategic move in AI with the acquisition of Darwin AI, signaling a focus on generative AI capabilities. The FCC redefines broadband with higher speed requirements, shifting to 100 down and 20 up. Other topics covered include navigating privacy regulations, IT spending trends, AI’s cloud impact, and the quest for shared reality. Apple’s acquisition of Darwin AI aims to enhance their generative AI capabilities, with Alexander Wong from Darwin AI joining Apple’s AI group. Microsoft Teams is set to merge into a single unified app for work and personal use.


Three things to know today

00:00 Apple’s Strategic Move in AI: DarwinAI Acquisition Signals Generative AI Focus

04:00 FCC Redefines ‘Broadband’ with Higher Speed Requirements: A Shift to 100 Mbps Downloads and 20 Mbps Uploads

05:31 Shaping the Digital Future: Navigating Privacy Regulations, IT Spending Trends, AI’s Cloud Impact, and the Quest for Shared Reality


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