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Digital Cashflow Management: Improving the supply chain

The Business of Tech
The Business of Tech
Digital Cashflow Management: Improving the supply chain

An interview with Gert Sylvest, on lessons from the pandemic about cash flow management and how integrations are leveraged.

About Gert:

Gert Sylvest is Co-founder of Tradeshift and GM of Tradeshift Frontiers, an R&D and investment arm covering blockchain, AI/ML and IoT and other emerging technologies. He has extensive experience with digital, cloud-based procure-to-pay and financing, large-scale public-to-private procure-to-pay infrastructures, cross-regional cloud deployments, blockchain and interoperability. Before leading Tradeshift Frontiers, Gert led the global cross-regional network strategy focusing on platform deployment and growth in China, and as CTO of Tradeshift.



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