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Configuration management vs automation: Attigy’s CEO on RMM’s and design choices

The Business of Tech
The Business of Tech
Configuration management vs automation: Attigy's CEO on RMM's and design choices

Today, a conversation with Jason Dettbarn, Founder and CEO of Attigy. We talk security, cloud, RMM configurations and what MSPs should think about for the future.

What’s the difference between the macOS and Windows approach to management? Traditionally, RMM’s are about endpoint management via automation on Windows… and Apple takes a configuration management approach, correct? Is that architectural difference a choice? How does Microsoft Intune fit into the ecosystem? I’ve been critical of the technology due to the fact it can become a vector of attack, actually amplifying the risk. What’s your take on the risk now for an RMM? Is a configuration based approach to management the future? How does cloud services fit into his vision? What is the reason why moving to management of cloud systems in the SMB has taken so long? What one thing would he change?


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