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A Non-Profit Provider: What is TechSoup and how do they operate?

The Business of Tech
The Business of Tech
A Non-Profit Provider: What is TechSoup and how do they operate?

Michael Enos is Senior Director of Community and Platform for Techsoup Global. Techsoup’s mission is to build a dynamic bridge that enables design and implementation of technology solutions for a more equitable planet. In his role, Michael directs dev-ops, enterprise infrastructure, information and technology security, and software development teams that build and support platform products and services. Michael earned his MBA from Santa Clara University.

Michael Enos’s professional career in technology began in 1996. Beginning as a system-admin for a Bay Area non-profit that served adults in need, he transitioned into a role as a technical consultant, developing data systems to help measure and track service quality to the individuals being served.

Michael was hired at Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties in 2000 to manage technology and information systems. He helped transform the organization into a more effective enterprise, using best in class technology to efficiently distribute food, communicate, raise money, and measure the Food Bank’s impact. As CTO, he also worked at a national level with other enterprise food banks on developing IT best practices and standards as part of the Feeding America Technology Governance Team.



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