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Data Roundup: SaaS Security, MSP Revenue and Hybrid Work Trends

Three collections of data to review.

SaaS Alerts published their Security Insights Report.    More than half of all attempted unauthorized logins originate from just five countries, China, Vietnam, India, Brazil, and Korea.   Outside approved locations accounted for over 55% of the most common critical alerts and occurred when a successful login to a user account was from outside of an approved location or an authorized IP address range.

Channel Futures released its summarized findings from the Q4 MSP Market Pulse Survey.    They were kind enough to let me see it early, and I noted that 78% of those surveyed increased (or stayed unchanged) in recurring revenue compared to the previous year.   72% are optimistic about the industry’s confidence, and 83% report increased or unchanged profits over a year prior.     I’ll note that only 14% were focused on AI as the biggest gain in Q4 – I think they’re sleeping on an opportunity.   

Gartner forecasts that 51% of US knowledge workers will work under hybrid arrangements by the end of 2023, and 20% will be fully remote. The blend of hybrid and fully remote knowledge workers will be more pronounced in the US than in the rest of the world, which on average, should see 39% of knowledge workers in hybrid work and 9% fully remote.

Why do we care?

I talked a ton about AI yesterday, and to highlight that gap again – only 14% focused on it last quarter in the IT services space.   Get on this, people.

The others are tactical updates – data to keep in your mind for planning.      

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