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Using Deep Learning in Medicine Reimbursement – practical AI applications

Amit Jayakar is Vice President, Commercial Operations, for Fathom, a deep-learning NLP system that accelerates medical reimbursement, and is backed by world-class investors, including Google Ventures, 8VC, and Stanford. Mr. Jayakar, who can be reached via Linkedin, earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from Georgetown University and his master’s of business administration from The Wharton School.

00:00 Intro and How did Fathom identify the problem?
01:43 What does the Fathom solution do?
02:16 Define what AI and ML are in the solution here?
03:25 What’s your go to market strategy?
04:14 How do you take a data set like this and make it accurate?
05:23 Does it get better the more it gets used?
05:51 Tell me about your security approach
07:01 Is there hardware in the solution?
07:55 How does your economic background apply to this?
08:56 Is the AI and ML a feature?
09:51 Is this Robotic Process Automation?
12:10 What kind of integrators is Fathom looking for?
13:07 How can people get in touch?

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