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ScalePad expands its analytics platform with the acquisition of ControlMap for compliance automation software.

ScalePad has purchased ControlMap, which makes compliance automation software.    Quoting from ChannelPro:

ControlMap’s application comes with over 30 built-in connectors that automatically aggregate data on user account access, privileged access, MFA configuration, and assets such as databases and endpoints. Supported platforms include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Workspace, HR applications from ADP and others, and identity and access management systems like Azure Active Directory and Okta.

Why do we care?

ScalePad had just bought Cognition360, a BI platform, and at the time, I noted they were becoming an analytics platform.  I stand by that assessment.   Squint, and you can see a management platform focused on configuration settings.    Are they the right company?  Time will tell.  I do love the strategy.  

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