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Spacemaker Daniel Sih talks about his approach to productivity

Daniel Sih is an award-winning author, professional speaker, and Director of Spacemakers®, a productivity consulting group for busy leaders.

His first book “Spacemaker – how to unplug, unwind and think clearly in the digital age” won the Australian Business Book Award in 2021 for personal development, and has been shortlisted for myriad awards.

As a trainer, coach and keynote speaker, Daniel has worked with CEO’s, executives, and other senior professionals throughout Australia and beyond. He is the creator of best-selling productivity courses such as Email Ninja, List Assassin and Priority Samurai with more than 20,000 students online and offline.

Daniel has a broad professional history, includes leadership roles in physiotherapy, health management, project management, Christian ministry and CliftonStrengths® coaching.

Daniel lives in Tasmania, Australia with his wife, Kylie, and their three children, Naomi, Caleb and Jethro. He also keeps fourteen pure-bred chickens who eat a lot of grain and lay too few eggs.

To learn more about Daniel and his work at Spacemakers, please visit and

00:00 Intro & Who is Daniel?
01:37 Why is it important to examine our relationship with the online world?
02:27 How does this apply to a business?
03:17 How does your organization work with customers?
04:21 How are you supposed to use email?
06:33 How do you teach this skill?
08:35 Where do you start when helping an organization?
10:05 How does your background in Physiotherapy apply?
12:40 What’s the most surprising research in productivity?
14:51 What inspired your work on your book Spacemaker?
17:15 MSPs say I have to be on call – what do you tell them?
20:33 How do listeners get in touch?

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