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Amazon expands Prime logistics to independent merchants

This is a small one, but I didn’t want to let it slip by.   Amazon is opening its Buy with Prime program up, allowing eligible U.S. merchants to offer its Prime logistics services without having to sell on Amazon.   Sellers who sign up pay Amazon to store and deliver their products and process customer payments.

People who pay for Amazon Prime get free shipping and next-day delivery from more places that want to keep selling — or only sell — through their own websites. 

It’s logistics as a service.  

Why do we care?

My Spidey sense tells me that this is useful to some listeners.   Can you help your customers leverage this?    I’d love to hear about it.

Logistics as a service.   Here’s the insight – Amazon’s capability to turn an expense line item into a profit center is exceptional.    Need all that variable computing power?  Find a way to resell it.  That’s AWS.  And here, need a logistics operation to run your own?  Find a way to resell it.   Making money off a cost center.  

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