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Applying Resilience from Emergency Management to IT services

Christopher Tarantino is an award-winning entrepreneur, investor, and international speaker on resilient innovation. He has worked with thousands of high-performing leaders from startups, enterprise, and government organizations like Google, FEMA, Cisco, and other recognizable brands across the globe.
With past roles at every level of government as well as growing businesses beyond 7-figures, he is sought after by leaders from both the public and private sectors to transform how they leverage team resilience to drive innovation. He is a leader in the Entrepeneurs’ Organization and the Young Entrepreneur Council and his insights have been featured in Forbes, Inc Magazine, CBS, NBC, as well as a variety of industry publications.
As the CEO & Founder of Epicenter Innovation (awarded #762 in the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies), he leads a team focused on human-centered, resilience-focused innovation before, during, and after disaster incidents.
⏰ Chapters:
00:00 Who is Christopher Tarantino
01:23 Define disaster
02:47 Let’s talk disaster versus emergency
03:55 Is disaster recovery the wrong approach?
05:31 With the new pressure on technology, is there a connection between worlds?
08:06 What do the two industries need to do together?
11:14 What are the key skills for emergency management?
14:55 How do you put the right people in the right place at the right time?
16:18 How does your model work in high-pressure situations?
17:24 How does mental health management tie in?  
20:02 How do you make a help desk more resilient?
22:50 How to leaders build for mental health?
25:20 How do you learn more?  

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