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Orrin Klopper Part 2, on culture, M&A and what the future looks like

Orrin Klopper is the CEO of Netsurit, which he co-founded 24 years ago during the lead-up to Y2K. At the time, organizations were being ripped off by IT companies and paying a fortune for the technology they did not need. He is always innovating new ways of work. His people-focused leadership leads his team’s incredible, aspirational culture and their dream program. He is a passionate Microsoft Partner and committed to serving both employees and clients by nurturing and realizing their dreams.

In addition to his role leading Netsurit, He is active in the Young Presidents’ Association (YPO) and the Entrepreneurs Organization and earned a master’s diploma in Entrepreneurship from the M.I.T. Sloan School of Management.

⏰ Chapters:
00:00 What is your program for investing in culture?
04:01 How deep is this in the organization?
05:37 How does M&A and culture connect?
08:27 What is your M&A strategy?
09:46 How are you valuing businesses for acquisition?
12:08 What is your technical stack?
14:53 If you were launching an MSP today, what would it look like?
17:15 Is this the competitor of the future?
19:07 What is next?
20:52 Where are you on your private equity journey?
22:15 What’s next for you personally?
23:27 How can people get in touch?

Part One of this interview:

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