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Revisiting White House cyber moves

And a revisit of some of the movement from last week on cybersecurity.   

I wanted to highlight a few others among the many movements (including that requirement around NIST rules I mentioned last week).

First, the Biden administration is spelling out the application process and award timelines and providing more details about implementing a $1 billion cybersecurity fund for state and local governments in last year’s bipartisan infrastructure law.

President Biden signed an executive order Thursday expanding the national security factors a federal review panel should consider when deciding whether to authorize significant foreign investments in U.S. companies. One is cybersecurity: the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) should consider whether foreign investors pose cybersecurity risks that could harm U.S. national security and the cybersecurity practices of all parties in the transaction.  It also includes evaluating risks to sensitive data of citizens.  

Why do we care?

Public sector companies should be working with their customers to leverage those resources. Ample opportunity out there.

It’s a flurry of activity on cyber from the White House.     The NIST rules I discussed last week, and today, the theme is that recognition of cyber as yet another diplomatic factor.    The list gets longer and faster.    Expect more.  

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