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Channel Partners’ role in securing recurring revenue

Channel partners are likely to play a more critical role in securing recurring revenue, according to a report by G2, host of a tech marketplace and peer-to-peer review site. As the preference to buy from third-party marketplaces and resellers continue to climb – even among enterprise companies – the post-purchase experience is critical to the vendor-buyer relationship.

Ease of implementation tops the list among the three most important buyer considerations when making a software purchase. It’s a key consideration as companies think about renewing their contract, with 93% of buyers indicating that the quality of the implementation process is important or very important when deciding to renew a software product, the 2022 G2 Software Buyer Behavior Report noted.  This is thanks to Channel Market Report.

Pair that with A recent study by Bredin, Zomentum, and Partnership Leaders, which shows that 48% of SMBs consult with SaaS vendor partners before making buying decisions.  

Why do we care?

You only get one chance to make a first impression.    It’s a pivotal point to be remembered and why successful IT services companies focus so much on onboarding.    Getting that straight sets the entire tone, and a good software product rolled out poorly leaves devastating damage.