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Implementing a system for employee fulfillment at work with James Laws

James Laws is the CEO and Co-Founder of Saturday Drive, a business development firm focused on making the world better, one company at a time.

Under his leadership and alongside his co-founders, Saturday Drive has launched wildly popular businesses like Ninja Forms, a top rated form builder for WordPress, SendWP which is a transactional email service, as well as the internationally award winning coffee shop and roaster BonLIfe Coffee Roasters.

James has been leading teams and organizations for over 20 years as once a pastor and now a business owner. He is also a public speaker, writer, and podcaster.

⏰ Story Duration:
00:28 Who is James Laws?
02:59 What is the Ciircles Fulfillment Model?
05:14 Is it a system or a process in implementation?
07:12 Isn’t what fulfills each person different?
09:08 How do you implement it?
10:11 Is it led by leadership or HR?
11:29 How often do you do these reviews with teams?
12:34 What has surprised you most working on this?
14:04 Is this impacting the way you measure work?
16:01 How do you handle this on a service desk?
17:47 Have you worked with emergency response organizations?
20:00 What’s the downside of “bringing your full self to work?”
22:20 If someone wants to start, how do they begin?
24:40 How can people find you?

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