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Listener Response: “Tax” is absolutely wrong

My editorial says, “IT Security is a Tax!” (, and cyber professional Jeremy Snyder wrote in to say I’m absolutely wrong. I wanted to hear him out, so had him on this livestream to hear his position.

00:00 Intro and all about the IT Security Editorial
02:57 Who is Jeremy Snyder and why should we care?
04:36 So you say Iโ€™m absolutely wrong. Lay out your reasons
06:26 Can security get out of the SG&A section of the profit and loss statement?
10:14 So do you recommend positioning and selling security?
13:40 You sell security stuff โ€“ how do you address the tension that you benefit from selling security?
17:12 What are the evaluation criteria you think a customer should use?
19:02 What are you working on at

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